Born in 1967, Cindy Hebert worked in restaurants as a Executive Chef for years before starting her own business. Cindy has worked in combination of positions including Master Chef, and Executive Chef. Owner of Cindy's Creole Kitchen Inc. from 1992 to present. Cindy's Creole Kitchen Catering Parties & Events Specializing in Louisiana Cajun Creole Cuisine. Cindy's 20 plus years of experience line her right up there with the best of them..  Cindy acts as an Executive Chef in her Company. Her food depicts the taste of her hometown New Orleans, Louisiana.

Early Life and Career

Cindy is basically from a long life line of cooking experts.  At the early age of nine Cindy started baking brownies with her mother and since then she knew cooking was her life's PASSION. That's when she knew  Cooking was what she was born to do.

She was rooted in a family where passion for cooking was inherited from generations. The entire family is associated with the Food Service Industry in one way or another, and their love for food is ubiquitous. From the early childhood days, their was one thing  Cindy would always think about and that is creating new recipes and presenting it in front of her Family/ loved ones and Friends.

She started her early education in Andrew J Bell Jr. High School and continued her education at Joseph S. Clark High School. She completed her further studies at Alcorn State University. English & Communication was the major subject in her college days, but creating and catering delicious recipes became her ultimate PASSION for a career.

Her up bringing around Louisiana Cajun & Creole Cuisine let her achieve the millstones of creating versatile recipes, keeping in the basics food techniques of her family roots from her hometown New Orleans. Initially she started as a Food Service Specialist in the United States Army, during the Gulf War (1990-1992). It was at that time where she found the hidden culinary skills in her that lead to further perfection as she constantly provided quality food to nearly 3000 soldier a day. Nearly a team of 100 soldiers worked under Cindy’s leadership. Cindy was also responsible for entire food pantry, managing and operating the team and taking timely action to deliver Tasty and Healthy Food to the Soldiers.

Cindy prepared food keeping in mind the health and fitness regime of the soldiers and it was a tough job to follow all the operations simultaneously. But this was the time when real talents and competences emerged out of Cindy Hebert. Working for the United States Army was something she was very proud of. That's where she gains a real appreciation and admiration for Culinary Arts. She has traveled to numerous places but still the adoration towards her hometown and its food remains the same. This affection forced her to write a cook book related to authentic Louisiana Cajun & Cuisine.

Later on she further polished her capabilities by working side by side Catering food with her Mother affectingly known as Jenny Bell. Cindy was there with her mother learning and mastering everything. Her mother taught her food preparation and ensure the safety and hygiene of the food served to their customers. According to her mother’s years of experience as a Cook, she taught Cindy to examine, season and taste the dishes to determine the quality and flavor of the food.  That's where Cindy gets her exceptional skills of garnishing. Cindy also learned proper portions of each plate serving, ensure impeccable trimmings to deliver the best food out there. It was another overwhelming experience that portrayed the real abilities of Cindy Hebert cooking endowment. There Cindy was responsible for inspecting the food preparation and ensuring the safety and hygiene of the food served to their guests. With Cindy's years of experience and exceptional skills in Culinary Arts, she has master the Art of  garnishing, and preparing dishes with just the right mixing of Spices & Herbs seasonings that add Delicious taste & flavor that's second to none.

In January 1995 she became a part of United States Postal Service.  There she train and instruct employees regarding their job duties and supervised with administrative duties. This show another perkier side of her life where proved again the adhesive and comprehensive quality of her nature of being instructive and counterproductive, ensuring the service standards to deliver best amenity but in totally different field and copping up versatile circumstance of her leadership abilities.


Cindy also has a natural Naw’lins voice, through which she attract her listener in a Talk Radio Show that she Co-Host. The show is all about ENTERTAINING, EDUCATING, INFORMING and INSPIRING their listeners. Cindy has started an online collection of her favorite recipes on &

In the future Cindy Hebert want to expand her catering business to Houston Texas and let people taste the original and fusion cooking style of her home town New Orleans. She also want to open a family dining restaurant where she can fill the appetite of her guest with food she love to cook. With the real skills she has to reveal the hidden creativities inside her. She also has admirations & ambitions of having her own cooking show one day.


About Us

CINDY HEBERT: Affectionately know as The Queen of Gumbo
is making her mark in the Culinary World, with her delicious creative dishes showcased in her COOKBOOK.

Title: Cindy's Louisiana Home Cooking Vol2

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